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21 May 2008



At the selection of shorts from Romania and Moldavia organized at the “TresCourts” International Film Festival!! Yaaay… we could have done better, but there’s proverb which  says that the discontented loses what he has received (a Romanian saying), therefore I am content :). The festival took place in May 7-8 2008 in over 70 cities around the world (in Romania it was held in 23 cities simultaneously ). 160 films from all over Romania participated for the national selection, of which 35 films were chosen by the national board for the contest… and from the 35 chosen movies “Page 74″ won the second place!

  • Making off:)

Because it would take a lot of time to tell you the whole story, and because I don’t have that time, long story short here it is… After an improvised story board, it was time to choose the “actors”. And of course, this project being a low budget film, the only option left was to turn to friends J. Therefore, three of my friend actors are just high school students! We got into the car and a real adventure in search for the right place to shoot followed! Finally we found the ideal place!  Somewhere near Sebes city (about 30 km from Cluj-Napoca city) but I have no idea what the name of that city is. J. We had to rush because we had limited time to shoot as it was getting dark outside. Happily as you can see form the film, we managed to shoot some frames in spite of the few hours we had.

Castraveti:)AllCica i-am stresat prea tare:)

After a unique adventurous day we arrived back home at 12.30 at night. We were all exhausted.

I will share some technical details (for whoever is interested). The film was shot in HD format and the editing was done in Final Cut Studio and Adobe After Effects. Many people have asked me how long it took from the beginning of the shooting until postproduction. I cannot give a precise answer because the film was made, so to speak, in my spare time… I can make an estimate of about 4-5 days!

  • You can also download it in HD format on the same page. Enjoy


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