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6 June 2008



The great confrontation of today’s cinematography! Film vs Digital! Oh well, now I can really say that I can offer an answer based on my own experience! After many years in the digital world… I finally had my first experience with a real superhigh 16mm cinema camera ( the cost of this kind of camera is somewhere around 250.000$).

I participated at (I took part in) a seminar held by a real expert in cinematography from USA… with vast film cinematography training and a 30 years experience in the field. The digital format is aimed especially at televisions, everyday shooters and low budget production houses. Today’s best image format is the HD format! It is indeed a real technology that is being used more and more and giving a different (higher) value to the digital format! But if we speak about film stock or if I as a filmmaker were to choose between digital and film…there’s no doubt! Film was, is, and will still be the most realistic and qualitative image storage system!! I will say it once again, I experienced it myself… and I saw the huge differences between HD and Film and I can say that many years from now, as far as the cinematographic production is concerned, film is and will always be the BEST!

3 Responses to “CINEMA WORLD”
Romina 6 June 2008

Probabil ca zici bine ce zici… Eu voiam sa-ti spun ca imi plac pozele:) Sper ca n-ai facut febra musculara… pare cam grea camera :)

Enddy 6 June 2008

Aşa mi-a spus şi socru-meu. Nu ştiu ce s-ar putea inventa sa depăsească, adica să egaleze calitatea peliculei.

arapila 21 August 2008

ce cul esti

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