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28 August 2008


It’s a little bit hard for me to find some time to post on the blog. :) But from time to time ( scarcely, it’s true) I put a post to my blog (post an article on the blog). A few weeks ago I had a new HD experience in Vienna! The new JVC PRO HD! To say a few words about HD ‘” toys” from JVC, I will begin with the “Progressive scan” recording format, thus eliminating the trouble of deinterlacing. The storage can be done on standard MiniDV or on HDD, the material being transferred in a very short time through port firewire onto the workstation.

The lenses used by JVC, with an incredible accuracy and zoom speed are built by Fujinon! The quality of the material both in SP and in HD is flawless. JVC PRO HD is a video camera aimed at professionals, and under no circumstances for home use or amateur videos. I say this by comparing it with the traditional Sony FX1/Zl, and I could say that about 85% the settings are manual, which requires time, knowledge and patience. It is a video camera designed for commercials, tv spots and movies, and under no circumstances as a television camera used for news in the field !

In my opinion, this is a video camera that fully deserves its PRO HD name!



And now let me tell you something about our trip to Vienna! It was a pretty easy project, as we call it “ Weekend fun” . Even though we no longer time have time to accept this kind of projects, we made an exception for our friends Alina and Cristy.

It was a pleasant experience to be able to be with them. Those few days were like a holiday for us and a short trip at the same time! It seems that we are keeping the tradition of having a short trip to Vienna every summer J… last year around the same time of the year we had a similar experience!

Well, will see what the next year brings :) Once again we would like to thank our friends Alina and Cristy!





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