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23 February 2009


We started a few weeks ago a new project, a very interesting and challenging one. It is about a new series of seminars held by Stefan Tomoiaga. As the budget didn’t cover building a real studio, we decided to go with a cheaper and a more reasonable option from all points of view … :)

Virtual studio ( croma key) It is a technique that many television use, very powerful but at the same time quite risky, as it is easy for that production to turn into kitsch.

In situations like this it is very important to have the Croma studio perfectly lit and calibrated!

Even though the main presentation studio is virtual, some real scenes will also be inserted!
100% real scenes will be adjusted according to the presented topic( Cluj city – Avram Iancu Square, Matei Corvin square, Appellate Court of Cluj-Napoca, Polus Centre etc.)

You can watch a video made in 2007 croma key HERE!

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