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2 March 2010


For the past 2 or 3 months one could read lots of articles like this in our local and national newspapers : “ Hanna Bota a Romanian among cannibals“!
Hanna Bota appears to be the first Romanian woman that had the courage to visit, and above all, to live among these people in her attempt to help them. This act of bravery seems to have turned out well!
A few weeks ago Hanna called me saying that she needed me to help her. Not knowing what she was talking about I accepted!


The moment she gave me the details about what we were going to do, I can say that we were pleasantly surprised, and we hope so will you!

A group of teenagers from Vanuatu thought to express their joy in singing by recording an audio CD.

Because of their lack of money and technology, the quality didn’t rise to the standards we are used with today…so we took it upon ourselves to improve its quality by doing re-editing (on certain parts), mastering and design!



The ATARAH GROUP is composed of high school teenagers from Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu, an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean. Their longing for singing turns into a gesture of love for the fellow men that don’t know our Saviour. Thousands of people live in the islands of their country that have never heard of our Saviour, people worshiping rock spirits and practicing primitive customs.  These teenagers would like to spend a whole year living in these semi-wild villages, and for their financial support they thought of recording a CD. Every buyer would thus contribute to help educate and save those tribes. We met them on a Sunday morning at 6.30 when they were enthusiastically rehearsing.  We knew then that we could do something to help them. Thank you Hanna Bota for choosing to do it


This CD is dedicated to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ in Vanuatu.

Each time you buy a CD you help paying the salary of a believer somewhere in Vanuatu!

Music Coordinator: Harvey Toto …    .  .. Producer’s – Naptalai @ Steve Lilo

Recorded: Tropical Island Sound …   .. Sound Engineer – Benson Nako

Mastering: Ionut Turda …     . Design: Cristian Nemes

To Hanna Bota! ( my former teacher)

I want you to know that I really appreciate what you are doing and I am glad I could help you, despite all the mischief I was up to and all the troubles I created during my high school years!  Ionut Turda

6 Responses to “Atarah Singers”
hanna 2 March 2010

Ionutule, am ajuns sa colaboram, mai mult, ai ajuns sa ma depasesti in cunostinte (ce sa faci? fiecare cu domeniul lui!) si sa am de invatat de la tine. iar asta ma implineste de numa` numa`. multumesc.
daca tot esti atat de bun, o sa mai gasim niste treaba pentru tine:)

ionutturda 2 March 2010

Sigur…cu ce se poate…rezolvam!

Cerasela 3 March 2010

As vrea si eu un CD. De unde pot face rost de el?

hanna 4 March 2010

cerasela, poti cere de la ionut, de cate ori va avea nevoie cineva va gasi si la el, dar poti si la mine, tel. 0740000522

Lorand Soares-Szasz 9 March 2010

Felicitari pentru inca un proiect fantastic! ;)

Hanna, PRO TV-ul si fiecare din noi poate sa spuna: “Jos palaria!” :) Ma bucur mult ca ai adus un pic din exotismul din Vanuatu, si asteptam cu nerabdare cartea. ;)

pascal nakou 27 June 2012

I am so blessed by the the wanderful songs that are presented by the atarah singers and i would like to extend my words of thanks to you for taking the initiative as a young teenagers to spread the good news of God to our brothers and sisters that are still in the darkness.I pray that the lord will help blesed you as you continue to share with others.

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