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5 July 2010

Secpral Pro Instalatii is presently one of the most important importer & supplier of heating and sewage materials in Romania.
Making a corporate video for Secpral Pro Instalatii wasn’t quite an easy thing to do. When one makes an ad for an important company, with great experience and over 100 employees and a wide variety of different external producers , all you can hope for is to convey the most of what that company is, because every aspect is worthy of being emphasized ..


For IT MEDIA STUDIO the challenge consisted in designing a complex material,
capable of conveying everything  through this  material

The shooting was made in FULL HD 1920p format.

The IT MEDIA STUDIO TEAM part of this project:

Irina Pasztor, Ionut Turda, Cristian Ciocotisan, Cristian Nemes si Ady Popan.

We would like to kindly thank ms Erika Hristea managing director and the entire Secpral Pro Instalatii  Team!


2 Responses to “Secpral Pro Instalatii”
Lorand 7 July 2010

Ati muncit mult la acest material, dar a meritat.. Din nou, un clip fantastic de mare calitate realizat de profesionisti de mare calitate pentru o firma de mare calitate. :)

Succes in continuare!

ionutturda 7 July 2010 noi suntem de parere ca a meritat…iar apoi ne bucuram ca, clientul este multumit! Trebe sa-ti multumim oficial pentru acest client care a venit din partea ta. Multumim, mult succes, si sa sti ca ne face placere sa colaboram cu tine! :)

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