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30 September 2010


Following months, days and nights packed with fun, now you can finally meet the fruit of our efforts: Demo Reel 2010 as well as the new IT Media Studio website.
We are all pleased with the outcome of this project and we believe that we have managed to rise to meet our promises in the previous post. We would like to thank all those who appreciate our work, for their patience and constant encouragement. We can only hope that you will be as excited as we are.


The last couple of months have been dedicated to this project, a challenge in itself by whichwe sought to prove ourselves
in the firs place that we can push the envelope and stretch the boundaries of our projects,
getting closer to what we love doing most: Hollywood VFX Movie. We want to
that this can be done in Romania just as well as anywhere else.


For IT Media Studio this project marks the point of jumping to
another level, one that we’ve been preparing for a while on
Video, Photography as well as Design and 3D.



We would also like to give thanks to our friend Eduard Schneider – Exec. Producer
Playing With Fire” by Paula Seling & Ovi /Eurovision 2010.


Following the upgrade of our website, we’ve also reorganized and updated our
PHOTO GALLERY, for a better structure.

The shooting stages were  Transilvania Highway, Iulius Mall Parking,
Avram Iancu Square, and Faget/Cluj-Napoca.

We would also like to send a big shout out to our friend Alex, the motorcycle rider
for his effort and collaboration.


The path to finalization was filled with surprises and challenges, and since we always welcomea good
, we’ve had lots of tests to pass but bags of fun, too, as well as professional satisfaction.
They say that upon finishing a project, looking back you become convinced that on the next occasion
results will be even better. We completely agree with that andthe passion we put into
our work helps us develop day by day.


IT Media Studio Team:
Accounts Manager – Irina Pasztor,
Producer / Director D.P./ Editor – Ionut Turda
Photography / Design - Cristian Nemes
3D Artist / Visual Effects – Cristian “freespace” Ciocotisan

4 Responses to “DEMO REEL 2010”
Ervin 30 September 2010

Esti neBUN …

Lorand 1 October 2010

Sunteti fBUNI! :)
Superb! Cand iese filmul de lung metraj? :D

ionutturda 1 October 2010

Thanx Lory! De indata ce primim buget incepem treaba :-p

guracasca 19 January 2011

eu zik k ar trebui sa ne adunam fortele si sa strangem kate 1 leu fiecare si sa ajutam . La urma urmei sunt tineri,sunt clujeni si nu in ultimul rand …Ma ardelenii astia chiar sa pricep…

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