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15 April 2011


The project “Start living” represented a real challenge for all those involved in the project. In spite of the very short available time and of countless sleepless nights the results met our hopes. And we say that following the feedback we received and the approximately 36.400 views of our projects both on and on our youtube channel.


As promised, following both your online and offline demands, I gave myself some time to offer you some technical details. But more importantly, I have succeeded in putting together some backstage video scenes, thus making the long-expectedMaking of – Start living ”.

The shooting began around mid December, and most of the short scenes were shot in Vatra Dornei and subsequently in Cluj-Napoca. The screenplay was written by Daniel Chirileanu, for whom we have a great respect, both for his creative mind and his proven acting talent.

Here are some backstage photos:

Emanuel Ban was our second part producer of the project. Our collaboration started about 5 years ago and we want to
congratulate him for the professionalism he showed each time we worked together.

We would also like to thank the “actors” in the intro clips for their commitment, patience and enthusiasm.
This was of a real help for our technical team.



For a complete photo gallery click here.

Both the  shooting and the postproduction were shot at 1920p resolution in DSLR format,
resulting in 12 materials of which 4 shorts, 20 minutes each.

To view some of the videos click on the image below.




IT Media Studio TEAM:

Ionut Turda, Irina Pasztor, Cristian Nemes, Cristian Ciocotisan,

Daniel Barbos, Daniel Vatca, Gabriela Moldovan, Sorin Lungu, Szilard Vincze




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