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20 June 2011


As always, every project has something special that makes it unique. This time the material “Directing the success” could be defined using one word: “elegance” To capture the viewers’ attention and to get the maximum effect, we chose to use the “ Technology of the future”/ Holograms, which run synchronously with the actors. We are sure it won’t be long and we will be able to see these gadgets not only virtually but in real life as well.


However, until then we encourage you to contact our IT Media Studio team and we will bring your ideas to life. We had the
pleasant opportunity to have some of our friends as actors and screen writers: Mihai Nadaș and Robert Pasztor:
We want to congratulate them for their commitment and professionalism manifested during the whole period of this project.

Here are some ”Making of photos.
Enjoy :)


Frames from the Final project:

IT Media Studio TEAM:

Ionut Turda, Irina Pasztor, Cristian Nemes & Cristian Ciocotisan

Enjoy! :)


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