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31 July 2012

HOPE FOR ASIA – Indonesia, Vietnam & Cambodia

In December 2011 I had the chance to be part of a unique and extremely special project. This is not just another video meant to emphasize the contrast between two different worlds. There are thousands of people waiting for us to prove that we care about them, that we care about their cry for help. They live in fear, being surrounded by danger at every step

28 February 2012
9 November 2011


Judetul Brasov este cu siguranta unul dintre principalele atractii turistice din tara si ne bucuram ca alaturi de Iusty Fudulu si Antena3 am putut sa participam la o “particica” din ceea ce inseamna promovarea judetului prin 2 spoturi video: BRASOV – Eternul taram al fanteziei (TURISM) si BRASOV – Eternul taram al fanteziei (ECONOMIC). Materialele ruleaza inca din luna octombrie pe Antena3. Filmarile au fost realizate pe parcursul a 2 zile la inceputul lunii Octombrie 2011.

8 November 2011


Echipa Blitz Imobiliare a fost din nou alături de noi la o nouă ședință foto, de data asta în afara birourilor. Am ieșit cu ei într-o zonă cu o panoramă bună către oraș, pentru a avea în spate întinderea Clujului în toată frumusețea lui. Având membri noi alături de ei, am vrut ca seria nouă de portrete să sugereze o imagine a dedicației și profesionalismului, aspecte cu care am fost deja obișnuiți din colaborările precedente.

2 November 2011



…Pentru toti cei interesati Sony Z1 este o camera video HDV avand ca suport de record banda MiniDV. O putem caracteriza ca si o video camera capabila cu o lentila buna care poate fi utilizata aproape in orice conditii meteo. Datorita tehnologie Sony atat meniul cat si aparatul in general este foarte usor de folosit fiind la indemana oricarui operator din industrie. Sony Z1 este la baza astazi in sistemul de televiziune fiin utilizata de cele mai mari televiziuni din ro. (Pro TV, Antene, Prima,etc…)

29 July 2011



…We’ve had a long collaboration with mr Lorand Soares Szasz, managing director  of Coaching4you. We had a similar project 2 years ago, namely a photo session, and now we’ve decided to shoot some frames along with his wife, Vania, but this time inside their new head office. We had a discussion regarding the general theme of the photos.

20 June 2011


As always, every project has something special that makes it unique. This time the material “Directing the success” could be defined using one word: “elegance” To capture the viewers’ attention and to get the maximum effect, we chose to use the “ Technology of the future”/ Holograms, which run synchronously with the actors. We are sure it won’t be long and we will be able to see these gadgets not only virtually but in real life as well.

15 April 2011


The project “Start living” represented a real challenge for all those involved in the project. In spite of the very short available time and of countless sleepless nights the results met our hopes. And we say that following the feedback we received and the approximately 36.400 views of our projects both on and on our youtube channel.

30 March 2011


In 2010 Blitz Imobiliare real estate agency contacted our team to create a convincing, dynamic, elegant corporate video  with a positive impact on the market.
Few months after the video release we were sure that both the Blitz imobiliare team and IT Media Studio team as a producer have achieved  their  goals.
This is the main reason why they contacted us again in 2011 to get their image to a higher level.

18 November 2010


The idea for this collaboration came to mind this summer ( 2010). I have been observing the team for a couple of months, and  eventually we decided we had to do at least one project together.  In a short time we had our first meeting. We started thinking about an ampler and more successful project. We started working on this project somewhere around the beginning of August, when the guys started writing the screenplay.